Worldwide Call: Black & White Illustrations for Printed Poetry Anthology

November 13, 2020 – Los Angeles: Artists For A Better World International is calling for black & white sketch/drawing illustrations of recently selected poems. The Illustrations and poems will be published in the next AFABW Int (2021) printed poetry anthology.

The deadline for illustration submissions is December 30, 2020.

The pre-selected “Source Poems” are linked below.

In 2019, AFABW Int announced a “Call for Poetry” and began receiving poetry submissions from around the globe for potential inclusion in the next anthology.

The poetry selections for the anthology have recently been completed and the next phase of book production is receiving illustrations. After the illustrations are received and selected, the book will be printed and made available in 2021.

Visual Artists from around the world are now welcome to select one or more poems that they would like to illustrate. After the sketches/drawings are received digitally by AFABW Int and chosen for the anthology, the upcoming physical book will be printed and made available in 2021.

Not every poem in the book will be accompanied by a visual artist’s black and white illustration. Included illustrations will be based on the quality and relevance of the artwork submitted.

Poems chosen for illustrations are decided solely by the artists.


  • Selected illustrations and the artist’s name will be printed in black and white and featured on their own individual pages next to their respective poems in the upcoming 2021 AFABW Int printed poetry anthology.

  • Additionally, some of the selected illustrations will also be featured on the home page of the AFABW Int website in 2021 as “Artwork of the Month.”

  • Some of the selected illustrations will also be broadcast on cable television as part of the award-winning Our Ventura TV series.

  • One or more of the selected artists may also be interviewed about their work via online video conferencing from their own home or studio. The completed video will then be broadcast on cable television as part of the award-winning Our Ventura TV series and also published on the AFABW Int website.


The idea is to imagine and produce a sketch/drawing that represents a visual concept associated with a poem. Each visual artist is welcome to illustrate whichever poem(s) inspire them.

  • Entry Fee: Free.

  • Eligibility: Open to artists worldwide age 18 and over (or younger with parental permission in writing).

  • Theme: The theme for the book is “Creating a better world” and/or inspiring readers. For additional insight, please review the purpose of AFABW Int, as delineated in the AFABW Int Mission Statement. Also, bear in mind that for illustrations to be eligible for U.S. TV and book selection, they will need to be “Family Friendly.”

  • Source Poems: Select any of the following poems from the AFABW Int Poetry Selections for 2021 Printed Anthology

  • Deadline: December 30, 2020

  • Reproduction: Use a scanner to copy and submit your illustration since it will result in a better representation than a non-professional photo.

  • Scanner Format: Submit your illustration as an 8-1/2″ x 11″ 300 dpi jpg (or 8-1/2″ x 11″ 300 dpi tiff).

  • Copyright: Each artist grants AFABW Int the right to use their illustration in its poetry book as well as on the AFABW Int website, as well as for promotional purposes and on TV. Other than the rights granted to AFABW Int, each artist maintains all original copyright ownership.

  • Art Line: As part of the submission process, artists will be auto-subscribed to the monthly AFABW Art Line to receive email updates about illustration selections, news about the printed anthology, “Artwork of the Month” selections and other AFABW Int news and projects.

  • Submission: Please use the following link to submit your sketch as a digital scan or digital photo.


Note: Past AFABW Int physical books were only available to purchase for a limited time. This newest poetry anthology may also have a limited publication and purchase opportunity.


AFABW Int has a purpose to raise the awareness of artists about using their creative abilities to contribute to the improvement of their community and the world via their unique vision.