“Call To Arts” Expo

June 25, 2005 – Los Angeles: Artists For A Better World International participated in the “Call To Arts” Expo Produced by AFABW Int award-winning member, Glenn Horton, Founder of Artists Helping Artists and co-produced by Kathi Horton. The expo was held at the Cal Poly Pomona Downtown Center and the School of Arts and Enterprise.

The grounds featured a multitude of unique artworks and paintings. Ongoing sounds of fresh and original music filled the air as visual artists, musicians, singers and songwriters reveled in a celebration of aesthetics.

AFABW Int maintained an exhibition and information booth and attracted numerous artists inquiring about the group and its activities. Attendees were invited to participate in the 5th annual AFABW Arts Festival coming up September 29 to October 2nd, 2005. Some of the visitors to the booth received free stress tests to find out what areas in life they wanted to change or improve. They were then given booklets with additional information about services at Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood.

AFABW Int members that helped at the booth included Lura Schmiedeke (who also judged the art contest), Leslie Silton, Barbara Cordova, Petrina Sharp, Linda Saretta and Loretta Gardea.

Lura Schmiedeke said, “Artists are the visionaries of the future. I’m always inspired when I meet up with old friends and make new acquaintances at these gatherings.”

Participants in the AFABW Int showcase included Harriet Schock, Andrea Ross Green, Bill Ewing, Rachel Lindley, Elan Vital Band, and Barbara Cordova. AFABW Int members Harriet Schock and Jeannie Deva gave career workshops for artists and got rave successes.

Throughout the event, artists and community art groups shared opportunities to come together and experience each other’s creative expression and network for potential collaborations. The uniting of artists and art groups at this event was an inherently inspirational and joyful experience, contributing to the advancement of independent artists even more into the forefront of society.