Eight Year Old Wins Art Day Event

August 13, 2007 – Glendale: When an eight-year-old girl, Kyler Iaeger, peeked over the balcony, she was thrilled to find an arts event in the JC Penney’s courtyard of the large Glendale Galleria mall. Produced by Artists For A Better World International member Becky Mate in celebration of International Art Day, an annual day dedicated to the arts, artists had paintings on display and kids had an area to make art. At the end of the evening, three unlikely teenagers were even sitting down to draw. The Magic Picture Frame gave the children small gifts. In addition, half a dozen artists painted a live model, fascinating passersby with each of their different takes on the subject.

Around 80 Artists For A Better World “Art Day” greeting cards were given out for people to send to someone wishing them “Happy Art Day!”

The eight-year-old was in and out of the Art Day Event three times, as she waited for her sister who was in acting class, and was one of the 177 people entering a raffle in an attempt to win the huge $300 basket of art, which included a $50 gift certificate from the local art supply store, a free month of art classes, coupons from a picture framer and stores in the mall and paintings, CD’s, stories, poetry, an Art Day coloring book and a movie script.

At home that weekend, Kyler could not stop telling her mom she was going to win the basket. The next day, her name was pulled. The young Lancaster resident will be presented with the basket, at FastFrame, 112 N Brand Blvd, on August 23rd at 7:30pm during the Summertime Artist Reception for featured artist David Edward Pease. She’ll definitely need the help of her family to carry it home.

Established in 1998, “Art Day” is the second Friday in August and has been celebrated on a grassroots level in England, Russia, France, Malaysia, Brazil, Puerto Rico and here in the USA. In 2006, Glendale, CA, issued the first official proclamation for Art Day as a holiday.