Ireland AFABW: Creating a New Civilization Through The Arts

June 25, 2010 – Dublin, Ireland: The Artists for a Better World Ireland chapter hosted an event at the Church of Scientology Mission of Dublin. The event was entitled Creating a New Civilization Through The Arts, and had the purpose of rallying artists who have an interest in helping create a better world through aesthetics.  The event started with a slide show presentation of the works of AFABW member and professional artist Alan Ryan. He has also headed up seven mural projects with other AFABW members in Dublin.

AFABW member Barbara Cordova (visiting from Hollywood, CA) was a guest speaker. She opened with her song entitled “Mission of the Artist.” Then she gave a talk about events at Celebrity Centre International, in Hollywood, where the group is based, as well as AFABW projects.

Des Synott, Director of the Dublin chapter (pictured with Jolanta Liadova), spoke about group projects in Ireland. He also read an inspirational poem.

The grand finale was a flamenco dance by Victor Madarasz and Lily Lorincz.

Attendees were then surveyed to find out how they wanted to participate.

Also performing at the after-event gathering was Anastasija Liadova.

Others that helped put on the event include Charmain Fitzgerald (who also had her art on display), Carol Hyland, Regina Doyle, Jessica Ryan, Paul Hallinan and Jolanta Liadova.