Jeannie Deva at the 2010 AFABW Arts Festival (with video)

October 9, 2010 – Hollywood: As part of the Artists For A Better World International 10th annual arts festival this weekend, Jeannie Deva delivered her Vocal Breakthroughs Workshop. Jeannie is an international vocalist and recording artists, as well as a renown Vocal Coach endorsed by engineers and producers of the Rolling Stones, Elton John and Amy Winehouse.

Says Jeannie, “When your breath control is well learned and natural, you don’t think about it when you sing. You are free to create your song with feeling and make your audience experience it.”

In today’s interactive workshop, Jeannie routinely engaged the audience with voice drills while bringing participants onstage to illustrate efficient and effective vocalization for the purpose of maximizing a singer’s vocal power in conjunction with the body.

The following video includes clips and photos from this afternoon’s workshop and her performance later this evening at the AFABW 10th annual Awards Event.

Workshop attendee Michael King noted, “It was amazing. She handled a lot of false information and gave excellent data on how to be a much better singer and performer. I want to work with her!”

Annie Brown reported, “I got more in your workshop that I have EVER gotten on the subject of voice. It was VERY helpful for me. I left with more certainty on my body and how it works, which was an area I didn’t have down and it was causing confusion for me. I am REALLY excited. My viewpoint is that you have mastered this area like L. Ron Hubbard did for the mind. And there is no one I would rather learn from than the Master. All the best and thank you for doing it!”

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