Music For A Better World CD released at Peace Sunday

December 15, 2002 – Los Angeles: The MUSIC FOR A BETTER WORLD 2-CD recording was released as part of “Peace Sunday” at the LA Convention Center. AFABW Int presented a MUSIC FOR A BETTER WORLD CD to Lama Gyatso Nubpa, representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

MUSIC FOR A BETTER WORLD is a 2-CD compilation recording created by Artists For A Better World (AFABW) International and produced by David James.

Peace Sunday was held in honor of all peace-loving people and was a call to come forth and uphold together our culture of peace. Over 2000 people from more than 100 different groups participated in this kaleidoscope of multi-cultural and multi-spiritual traditions, awakening our need to affirm our spiritual heritage, as well as addressing concerns of peace and justice in our world. Peace Sunday was produced by Stephen Longellow Fiske, in conjunction with the Unity-and-Diversity World Council.

CD Producer, David James, presented a copy of MUSIC FOR A BETTER WORLD to Rickie Byars, one of 30 performers on the CD. Ms. Byars sings “Peace Chant” on the dual-CD recording. Mr. James said, “Thank you, thank you and thank you to all the musicians and singers from around the world who sent in hundreds of incredible compositions for this project.” Mr. James expressed his wishes that he could have included all the wonderful music that he received and is looking forward to future CD productions to feature more artists.

AFABW Int President, George Alger, said “MUSIC FOR A BETTER WORLD was created upon a theme of multi-cultural, uplifting and inspirational ideals.” Mr. Alger encouraged artists around the globe to connect up with and support social betterment activities and especially Artists For A Better World International.

Songs and Artists

“We Need More” by Amy

“Power of Giving” by David Pomeranz

“The Decent Thing” by Five Wheel Drive

“House of Living” by Heartsfield

“Give Me the Strength” by Craig Marsden

“One People” by Pegasus Project

“Making it Better” by Taron Xavier Lexton

“One World” by Johnny DeMarco

“Follow Your Heart” by Deedee O’Malley

“It Flies” by Harriet Schock

“The Bridge” by Marc Bosserman

“Golden Soul” by Lao Tizer

“Peace Change” by Rickie Byars

“Spirit Says to Sing” by Agape International Choir

“You and I Are One” by Chaka Khan

“Love I Make” by Standing in the Sun

“Greater Than the Sun” by Joy Graysent

“Africa Freedom Song” by Robin Hogarth

“Till We Live in Peace” by Neal Fox

“Awakening” by Ari Ross

“A Better World” by Howard McCrary

“Hope for the Future” by Kati Mills

“Love Carries On” by Suddensongs

“The Way Home” by Danielle Hebert

“Portrait of Peace” by Serge Bach

“Quien Dijo Que la Paz…” by Al Rod

“Why” by Michael Sullivan

“This is a Call” by Lisa Turner

“Mission of the Artist” by Barbara Cordova

“A Promise to the World” by Andrik