Musicians In Action Guild

July 28th, 2013 — Nashville, TN: Several musicians in Nashville, Tennessee have taken the AFABW Int Pledge to The Arts and adopted it for the Musicians In Action Guild. Formed in 2009, the Musicians In Action Guild is a Gung-Ho group affiliated with the Church of Scientology in Nashville.

The Guild is now in its fifth season of delivering quality showcases, concerts and benefits for no charge to attendees. Additionally, the Guild has supported the many music and personal improvement seminars given at Celebrity Centre Nashville over the last four years.

Now that the Guild has been recognized with a Federal ‘Charitable Organization’ status the following projects are authorized for immediate funding to support its continuance and expansion.

The first projects to get funds are:

1) A The Way To Happiness Campaign designed to be used to further the precepts of The Way to Happiness through local businesses, starting with music-oriented establishments in Nashville, which number in the hundreds.

2) A recognition and appreciation ceremony for the hundreds of bands and solo artists who have graced the Celebrity Centre Nashville stage and given freely of their time.  Their efforts have continued to make Celebrity Centre Nashville well known within and outside of Nashville.

For those interested in fund raising for the Guild and its purposes as stated below in the Pledge To The Arts, as well as for the Way To Happiness, there is adequate compensation. Please contact the Guild for details.

Right now, the levels of contribution are modest:

$1-10 Contributor – Personal Thank You Note

11-24 Supporter – Mentioned in Guild Newsletter & Follow-up Emails

25-50 Big Fan Supporter – 11×17 Poster of MiAG Logo (above)

51-100 Benefactor – VIP Seating at all Guild events or choice of two above

Send Donations To:

Musicians in Action Guild
1271 Antioch Pike
Nashville TN, 37211

OR via PayPal with this email address:

A receipt bearing the logo of the guild (above) will be mailed to donors. Please write checks to Musicians in Action Guild and use this number for tax purposes 453503518*****

Musicians In Action Guild Pledge To The Arts*

Whereas, I believe in creating a better world through the use of aesthetics;

Whereas, I understand that in the past, societies have flourished and expanded when they supported, encouraged and patronized the arts;

Whereas, I pledge to do all I can to create a better world by helping to keep the arts as a central part of our culture;

Whereas, I see the benefit of working with individuals and groups that are making positive changes in society;

Whereas, I pledge to take a wider responsibility as a creative being to do what I can to uplift the culture through aesthetics, and by using my talents in conjunction with those of similar purpose;

Whereas, I believe in the importance of the artist, and his role, as stated by artist, humanitarian and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard who says: “The rehabilitation of that art-ability of a culture is a tremendously valid undertaking, and will repay a thousand times over any effort made in that direction. A Culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by Artists.”

I pledge to support Musicians In Action Guild in helping to create a new Renaissance for Mankind.

*Adopted from Artists For A Better World International

For additional information or comments please email:
All messages will receive prompt attention.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce selections from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard.