Poetry: A Child Smiles

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

February 21, 2021 – Los Angeles: Nikhil Parekh of India and his poem, “A Child Smiles,” has been selected as the latest Artists For A Better World International “Poetry of the Month.”

Nikhil Parekh: Indian poet & author of 47 books.

A Child Smiles

Only in a world of freedom,
Can a child unfold and bloom.
Only with the Sun piercing right through the dark hut,
Can a child see the wonderful sights of this world.
Only in an ocean of unprejudiced love,
Can a child speak to its heart’s content.
Only through the eyes of soft empathy,
Can a child see its true reflection.
Only in surroundings of unadulterated society,
Can a child open its mind wholesomely and dream.
Only when applauded at its tiniest achievement,
Can a child come to know its hidden potential.
Only in lanes without propagation of caste,
Can a child recognize its own identity.
Only in the cradle of happiness,
Can a child fantasize and create.
Only in vicinity of the learned,
Can a child imbibe the essentials of life.
Only in the pages of medieval history,
Can a child understand its ancestors better.
Only in unpolluted waters of the Ganges,
Can a child splash its hands and wholeheartedly swim.
Only without discrimination of gender and status,
Can a child flourish to achieve its goal.
Only in the gentle hands of its mother,
Can a child shield its eyes and sob.
And Only in an atmosphere of complete equality,
Can a child stimulate his urge for learning, prosper and smile.

by Nikhil Parekh of India.
Copyright © By Nikhil Parekh. All Rights Reserved.
website: NikhilParekh.net