Poetry: A Requiem to a Gentle Soul

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

Aug 4, 2022 – Los Angeles: Dr. Srilakshmi Adhyapak, from India, specializes in interventional cardiology. She derives inspiration from nature and events around her.

A Requiem to a Gentle Soul

An edifice massive, its stones grey gleam,
Gilded golden, by the Sun’s Midas beam.
An edifice of learning, through its portals streamed,
Many a waif, of great healers dreamed.
A gem so rare strode amongst them,
Infusing qualities, in unique rhythm.
Skills sharp with talent unique,
Honed with piety, in disciplined seek.
Eyes sparkling shone brilliant,
Laughter tinkling, in tones reverberant.
Lofty in stature, mildly she strode,
Tracing pathways of glory unto her divine abode.
Deeds unparalleled, a life exemplary,
Blazing a trail magnificent and solitary.

by Dr. Srilakshmi M. Adhyapak of India.
Copyright © By Dr. Srilakshmi M. Adhyapak. All Rights Reserved.