Poetry: Before The Rise of Man

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

March 3, 2022 – Los Angeles: Shawn Schoeller, of Florida and Austria. is a poet and fine artist. “I always try to evoke some kind of an emotional response to my work.”

Before The Rise of Man

Do you happen to recall
The way we were before the fall?
Us before Time began
Before the awful rise of man?

Did you find it just and true
As great titans we withdrew.
Becoming what we once abhorred
Lost inside the human hoard.

I forgot, so did we all
Like dancers trapped inside a hall.
Twisting, turning to unwholesome tunes
Gazing up at foreign moons.

Yes, we were lost and it took time.
A slow degrading for our crimes.
Til memory of our selves was gone
Now stupidly mortal, we carried on.

So many years and so many lives.
We flew through time like bees in a hive.
Unknowing and unthinking still
A salute to the death of our free will.

There are times when I can briefly see
What once it was to be truly me.
I hold fast to those moments of knowing
They are scarce but leave me glowing.

How did we fall so far from grace?
I think this when I see your face.
Old comrades and lovers we have been
Long before the rise of men.

Only you have not changed a single thing
So todays world for you only troubles bring
Its bad and good in equal parts
For you rarely have a happy heart

I feel your loss and isolation
Through art you find your consolation
And maybe ,just a bit, with me
You still recall what it was to be free.

by Shawn Schoeller of Florida and Austria.
Copyright © By Shawn Schoeller. All Rights Reserved.