Poetry: Father

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

November 15, 2023 – Los Angeles: Mrs. Erenestina Gjergji Halili is a recipient of the Albanian first national prize for “Literature and its reflexes on art” and has achieved a “Doctor of Philological Sciences” PhD.


Once you told me that the heart doesn’t beat in the heart,
now that I understand where it does,
the wind beats to you somewhere,
And it beats me somewhere else,
but it doesn’t know where it beats.

now I know where your heart beat in your juvenile,
now I know,
I know now,
why your tobacco was unlit under your mustache.
maybe it was fallen,
and even unseen,
cause I was dancing on your shoes…
I know how many times your spirit was raised,
now I know where it was placed,
the recess,
The hostage with no envy.

Now I got to know your chess game,
the unfinished one,
now I got to know the time game,
the perfect imperfect one,

by Mrs. Erenestina Gjergji Halili in Albania.
Copyright © By Erenestina Gjergji Halili. All Rights Reserved.

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