Poetry: Fragile Flowers

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

April 5, 2022 – Los Angeles: Silykane Watomassyane of Mozambique has a considerable body of written works, which he mostly publishes to social networks.

Fragile Flowers

What a power of the fragile flowers!

Souls of tiny trees give birth to flowers,
Nevertheless the absence of the spring
In the land of dilemmas rooted in my heart,
Where shame welcomes me every
Unwished but deserved daybreak…

Poor of seasons my dear savage land,
Only summer and winter count time,
Even though, I glimpse a sheet of flowers
Unfolded beyond that barely can be seen the sand,
Perhaps due to the powerful desire to procreate…

Somehow, breaks through in my mind
A foolish idea to be as fragile as flowers,
For with my perfume inspire righteousness
To the leaders who, until then, deliberately
Shame this cradle of humanity, nourishing
Their hungry pockets with corruption…

I’d like to have the fragility of the beauty flowers
So fragile that let be stung to feed bugs and birds,
So fragile that give up the beauty to bear sweet fruits,
So fragile that express the kindness of love…
Oh, what a power of the fragile flowers!

Fragile Flowers
Illustration by Petrina Sharp

by Silykane Watomassyane of Mozambique.
Copyright © By Silykane Watomassyane. All Rights Reserved.