Poetry: Fraternity Beyond

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

November 7, 2022 – Los Angeles: Silykane Watomassyane, from Mozambique, has a considerable body of written works, which he mostly publishes to social networks.

Fraternity Beyond

I close my eyes for not to see the world
In a protest, I deny to behold its beauty
Adorned with indifference to others pain:
Not being noticed is the major pain to me…

I close my eyes to the world for not to feel,
Not to feel the heavy burden of being ignored
But, instead, I fall asleep though i’m awaken
And I dream with a world that I can’t give up on it;

I dream a world that is fulfilled with fraternity
Beyond borders imposed by selfish humanity:
I smile with satisfaction sipping tasty felicity
Wings I am, a fleeing bird that broke out its cage…

Traveler of this new world I am now,
I share many kisses and hugs all time.
Love is the flag that floats in all homes
And those homes are made mine in every place…

Let me ever sleep in this marvelous dream,
Here is warm for everyone in cruel winters;
Here is light for everyone in darkest times…
Just wake me up when this world is like a dream.

by Silykane Watomassyane of Mozambique.
Copyright © By Silykane Watomassyane. All Rights Reserved.