Poetry: Her Crafted Moments

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

January 7, 2024 – Los Angeles: Mehak Shaikh, from Pakistan, savors beauty. She states: “Enjoy the present moment.”

Her Crafted Moments

She cannot forget those moments
That was the cause to let her live
Warmth affection rises the spirits
To encourage the blossom in life
Along with the path of a tough route
She was not leaving memories off
Once, she felt the turning of smiles
Shifted into the top numerous veils
But she has been scolded so wildly
On what, nobody had believed her
She tried to breathe more frequently
And did everything so sufficiently
Has been away from other people
And always dreamt to live her life
To go smoothly with the sparkles
Her own strategies had been fading
She had ignored her own way of life
To save the efforts as to count them
And once she held back her own way
Sailed her boat in the wind efficiently

by Mehak Shaikh of Pakistan.
Copyright © By Mehak Shaikh. All Rights Reserved.