Poetry: Human Pandemic

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

July 18, 2020 – Los Angeles: The latest Artists For A Better World International “Poetry of the Month” selection features work from Evans Otieno Ongele of Kenya.

You are welcome to submit your own poetry, which will be simultaneously considered for both of the ongoing Artists For A Better World International poetry projects:

Human Pandemic

It came with a rare flair,
Like an angel.
Sent Queens and Popes to seclusion,
The common souls to quarantine.
Democracies to lock downs,
Rule by decree for others.

It made the parrots prattle,
Daily bulletins, statistical briefs.
Confirmed, recovered, dead.
Curves hopefully flattening
“Our scientists” hopefully saving.

It went for the mighty and the lowly.
Teaching the West and the not-so-West a chorus,
That began in the same sibilant sound.
Sanitize hands,
Social distance,
“Stay at home.”

It gave relief to the burdened of all.
Stadia- the Olympics too!
Schools – homework too!
Cities – New York too?
Churches – Easter too?
Courts – Mentions too.
Banks – Interests too.

It went with the whirling wind
Like a ghost.
The crown and the cloth will dine again.
Campaigns will restart in earnest.
The war drums will start beating again.

Soon, the fourth floor will be abuzz again.
Covering the posthumous,
Commentating the resumptions,
Competing for ads.

Soon, the divide will be back
With the new old songs.
Increasing only in discord

So, everything else hustles and bustles.
Even fencing ?
Even exams?
Even traffic jam!
Even persecution!
Even executions.
Even foreclosures.

Long we forgot,
The best of man is limited;
the unlimited man vicious.
Worse than Corona Pandemic.

by Evans Otieno Ongele of Kenya