Poetry: In Green I Shall Rest

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

October 6, 2023 – Los Angeles: Silykane Watomassyane has a considerable body of written works, which he mostly publishes to social networks.

In Green I Shall Rest

In my dream there will be no drought
That will decimate these superb landscapes…
With green trees, the world is a journey –
And is sad to see handicapped its branches…

I’m addicted to this blue sky watering hope
In this piece of green where everything flourish…
I am a beggar in this ill-fated life that faints
In the insolence of progress that kills the green…

I will not play a dumb in my archaic dream:
In the green I shall rest my painful fist
With sad bruises of my many lost battles
In my ignored efforts to save the earth…

No matter what: I still glimpse a green planet
In a distant dream made by sober ambitions
Of a sustainable fortune – and life fulfilled
With green and emissaries of the wisdom…

by Silykane Watomassyane of Mozambique.
Copyright © By Silykane Watomassyane. All Rights Reserved.