Video Poetry: On a Hill in Hollywood

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

November 1, 2020 – Los Angeles: Hanna Lynn Roth of LA and her work, “On a Hill in Hollywood,” has been selected as the latest Artists For A Better World International “Poetry of the Month.”

Hanna Lynn Roth enjoys a curiosity towards life and learning the power of being an Artist and its duties in today’s world.

On a Hill in Hollywood

Helmet on, brake check
Red light, slow down
I smell my leather jacket
The tires are spinnin’ round

I look ahead to a hill
Somethin’s catchin’ my eye
A house with a thrill
For my detective mind

There’s a stranger typing away
That’s normal ya’d think
But there’s a strange haze
Their lights are all pink!

I reach the stop light
Thinkin’ “can this be good?”
What a mysterious night
On a hill in Hollywood

Blinkers on, seconds left
Red light, hold now
I hate this mental racket
What have I found?!

Is this a new skill
of the creative kind?
Or a magical thrill
from an artists mind?

Is this the new craze
from a TV shrink?
Or a rebel I gaze
Cuz’ why not be pink?!

I’m at the stop light
Thinkin’ “strange can be good.”
What a mysterious night
On a hill in Hollywood

The drivers drive by
The sidewalk stands bare
Paparazzi’s elsewhere
Chasing— who cares?!

Dream on, I regret
My green light is now
Before I get a ticket
I’ll throw the throttle down

Oh the stranger on a hill
With no name in lights
Will be a lasting still
In the back of my mind

Because of their secret haze
Because they chose pink
And as I break my gaze
The pink is gone in a wink!

I left the stop light
Thinkin’ “life is all good”
What a mysterious night
On a hill in Hollywood!

by Hanna Lynn Roth of Los Angeles.
Copyright © By Hanna Lynn Roth. All Rights Reserved.