Poetry: Qatar

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

August 8, 2023 – Los Angeles: Hiba Ayshabi Babu Rasheed of Qatar. Introvert. Poet. Writer. Techno Geek.


Beautiful houses, neatly arranged

Tall date palm trees, what a wonderful exchange

Little rain during the months of winter

O land you give us back so much better

Sweet gel fruit, with you we break our fasts

Lines of your mother trees, as the traffic goes past

Silent beaches with untreacherous waters

In you we played till sunset, from past noon quarter

And you O corniche, you magical blue kingdom

Black at night, peace you give on walks that make us soar with freedom

And O athan, the call to prayer, aloud you sound

5 times a day, inviting worshipers to be success bound

And O beautiful parks, in you we played as children

Getting to the swings first, and then sharing with brothers and sisters, different

And O shopping havens, you give us a place for our eyes to feast, for our kids to wander

In you we walk, from you we buy, making sure to not squander

And O open skies, we gaze at you and think of dreams and limitless possibilities

Feeling the rays of heat and commuting daily for our responsibilities

O land, grateful to God are we for you,

May He grant you more that is just and true

by Hiba Ayshabi Babu Rasheed of Qatar.
Copyright © By Hiba Ayshabi Babu Rasheed. All Rights Reserved.

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