Poetry: Stuck

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

June 9, 2024 – Los Angeles: Rodney Johnson, from Washington DC, has a passion for poetry and education and is tied to his deep-rooted Rastafarian beliefs and love of community.


If I had to describe 24 in one word it would be stuck!
Can see where I want to be and where I am all at once
Pleased with where I am but not satisfied enough
The feelings like asking for more despite getting what you want
Will 25 be the same?

Desires so illustrious the everyday becomes monotonous
Ya don’t know what I’d risk for my dreams
Climbing on the same mountain as King
MLK’s wake came before his holiday
Is that the sacrifice I’ll have to make?

Lost so many hours already
Lost so much sleep already
Palms been sweaty arms been heavy
Knees and my dream only things that ain’t left me
See I’ve been 8 miled.
Taken as a joke, confused for a clown
Words stuck in ya throat with no hope of coming out
Stuck between what you wanted to do and what’s actually happening
Stuck between performing and reacting
Stuck between dreams and reality
Stuck between my integrity and a salary

by Rodney Johnson of Washington, D.C.
Copyright © By Rodney Johnson. All Rights Reserved.