Poetry: Surveillance

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

February 5, 2022 – Los Angeles: Hiba Ayshabi Babu Rasheed from Qatar, describes herself as an introvert, poet, writer and techno geek.


His eyes blinked twice, maybe thrice
With a somber gloom, they ate
dare not spilling the stale rice.
His forehead wrinkled with a frown
Chanted their head:”Why! did they take the bait..”
wiping their hands on clothes striped, not brown
His face now red and grave
With chains of guilt they sat,
Wishing themselves out of the box of shame.
Nowhere to run, not an eye to bat
Under that watchful glare, they knew they were to blame.
His lips now moved with words of admonition
“You are here for your crime,
this will be your salvation!”
The bars of hopelessness shut over them
On the floor rested their fearful gaze

But O wait!

His heart now moist and tender
His gaze now full of love
His hands, reaching out, thin and slender,
“Judy and Carl, my children,
Papa wants you to listen!”
The bars melting away, the stripes unwoven,
They looked at their father, hopeful and eager
“Mistakes when made not in open,
may not reach Papa’s eyes, but those of someone bigger”
They nodded their heads with new found comprehension
How light they felt, free of tension!
“He sees you while you eat, while you sleep
He even knows in which drawer your toys you keep.”
They looked at each other in wonder.
“Does He even know, our latest blunder?”

His eyes smiled in answer

“My children, always remember
It’s the key to brilliance
of the heart, like fiery ember
remember from up and above, the surveillance.”

by Hiba Ayshabi Babu Rasheed of Qatar.
Copyright © By Hiba Ayshabi Babu Rasheed. All Rights Reserved.

website: thankgodforfridays.blogspot.com