Poetry: Thinking Out Loud

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

September 5, 2023 – Los Angeles: Aadya Sharma, from India, is a literature enthusiast, a writer and an orator.

Thinking Out Loud

O Butterfly!
Sitting on a flower in the tree
So beautiful and yet so free

O Butterfly!
So unsuspecting of what is around
Not caring about the people it surrounds

O Butterfly!
Fly far, far away from here
This place is not the way it appears

And O Butterfly!
Take me with you
I want to drink the first drop of dew

But O Butterfly!
I won’t be able to make the flight
For my hands are tied.

So O Butterfly!
You fly far, far away
And remember me and say
I once met a girl who
Wanted to fly with me far, far away
She wanted to bloom with the flowers
And sing with the spring
And shine with the moon so bright.

But couldn’t
For her hands were tied.

Thinking Out Loud
Illustration by Petrina Sharp

by Aadya Sharma of India.
Copyright © By Aadya Sharma. All Rights Reserved.