Poetry: We Could Be Eco-Lovers

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

February 5, 2023 – Los Angeles: Mark Andrew Heathcote, of the United Kingdom, is the author of In Perpetuity and Back on Earth, two poetry books published by CTU publishing group.

We Could Be Eco-Lovers

We could be eco-lovers
Adopt a ‘hands-on’ approach
We could be gentle sisters & brothers
Let ignorance breed fan its flames
And isolate its self, who are we-to-reproach
Ourselves against these hell-bent folk;
Let us shut our ears
Close our eyes lock our doors
Really, who is to blame?
Political correctness wires all our jaws
It’s all part of the government course
To breed hatred to divide
As divided we fall,
We could be eco-lovers
Refuse to vote!
But then who on earth would steer the boat.

by Mark Andrew Heathcote of the United Kingdom.
Copyright © By Mark Andrew Heathcote. All Rights Reserved.