Poetry: What If?

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

March 16, 2021 – Los Angeles: TahLeeTah Jhen Kuom is from Hong Kong. She is a single mom and violence survivor who found her way back to her younger self’s passion for poetry and creative writing.

What If?

What if your past disaster is someone else’s present,
Could you bear to see without lending a hand?
What if your hands are full and your purse is tight,
How could you be of help, what is your essence?
What if your story could spill water to a dry land,
What if your frail or small voice could stir up someone to fight?
Not much work done but, wouldn’t it feel right?

What if the baby steps could reach a thousand miles,
What if a kid’s day is brightened by your smiles,
What if your little kindness or care is all she needs,
To believe that no matter what, God is good indeed!

What if that spilled cup of water could call the rain,
What if that shrill voice thundered in the heavenly realm,
If it only takes a spark to get a fire going,
What if it takes only one kindness to get someone believing,
That His Spirit is working in the land that we are living.

What if there are no what ifs
And, what’s left is only, “LET IT!”
Wouldn’t it be worth achieving?
A new way of living, healing the hurting
Redeeming the time with radical paradigm shifting
When months, years and life pass like a daydream
When will we fulfill our true human calling?

Illustration by Petrina Sharp

by TahLeeTah Jhen Kuom in Hong Kong.
Copyright © By TahLeeTah Jhen Kuom. All Rights Reserved.