Short Story Book Reception and Readings

September 26, 2007: Hollywood, CA – Artists For A Better World International honored the contributors and artists included in the short story compilation, The Triumph Of The Human Spirit. Held at Celebrity Centre International, the reception included a classical music performance, readings from some of the authors selected for publication in the book, presentations from the creators of the book, as well as a seminar on “How To Get Published Without An Agent” by Kelly Reno.

Debbie Ellish opened the evening with a solo flute performance of Syrinx, by Claude Debussy.

The evening was hosted by MC, Jeff Harman, who announced, “Tonight we are celebrating the launch of the short story compilation, The Triumph Of The Human Spirit, produced by Artists For A Better World International and the Celebrity Centre International Professional Writers Association.”

President of Artists For A Better World International, and Executive Producer of the book, George Alger said, “Artists For A Better World International is about helping others, through aesthetics.” He went on to say that, “Artists are the cultural leaders and lead the way to better world.”

Editor of the book, David Bartlett said, “Beautifully written, high quality, spiritually uplifting fiction is alive and well in the pages of this compilation.”

The evening featured readings from four of the authors who were selected into the book:

  • Mari Werner read from her story, Just Her Imagination
  • Becky Mate presented a portion of her work, Helter Shelter
  • Robin Beaman gave the audience a segment of her writing, Dèjá View
  • Joanna Celeste delivered an excerpt from her story, Somewhere Not Too Far From Here

In attendance were key artists behind the book’s design and artwork:

  • Book Designer, Mike Manoogian, and Production Artist, Charles Allen Harris, were awarded special commendations for their work creating the aesthetics of the book.
  • Charles Allen Harris was also honored for his work creating illustrations for each of the stories that are included the compilation

Director of this year’s AFABW 7th annual Arts Festival, Tom Fair, invited writers and artists to participate in the festival and extend their creative power further out into the community.

Successful author, Kelly Reno, gave an educational and entertaining presentation on “How To Get Published Without An Agent.”

The reception included autograph signings by the authors and illustrator.

Photographer, Jerry Keane; Videographer, David Repchuk; Stage Manager, Petrina Sharp; and host, Yvonne Harrington were instrumental to producing tonight’s event.

AFABW Int creates music CDs, poetry anthologies, short story books, visual art calendars and other collaborative creative projects that include artists from around the globe.

AFABW Int welcomes ideas and suggestions from any and all artists, art enthusiasts and social betterment groups about ways we can work together to create a better world.