Video Poetry – An Airport Soiree

AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

Oct 14, 2020 – Los Angeles: The latest Artists For A Better World International “Poetry of the Month” features work from George Alger.

An Airport Soiree

On we paraded to and fro,

ten thousand souls a day.

To just as many fates and fortunes,

processions for meaning, hope or play.

I smiled at a passerby

gracing the other way;

she hailed an enigmatic response,

“It’s never too late to say….”

My meanderings pierced, I stirred alert.

And she evanesced as quickly away,

a fleeting Muse to bestow this mental memento:

“It’s never too late to say….”

And a number of life’s things left unsaid

accompanied me onward as an airport soiree

by George Alger of the United States.
Copyright © By George Alger. All Rights Reserved.