What Information Should I Include in an Artist Nomination?

Use the online AFABW Int Award Nomination Form and enter as much as information as you are aware of for the artist. You should also select one of the award categories, based upon your understanding of the artist’s community contributions and/or benefit to others. The information you enter will be carefully considered as part of the awards review process, and AFABW Int staff may contact the artist and/or conduct additional research on the artist’s contributions as part of the process.

NOTE: Based upon additional research by AFABW Int staff, it may be determined that the nominee is more eligible for a different award category than the original Nomination Form designated.

The main criteria for an artist to be considered for these AFABW Int “Creating A Better World” awards is “How has this artist helped others through their work?” Hence, the more information that can be entered that highlights specific facts and figures on who and how the artist has helped others and/or their community, the better.