What is “Better World” Art, Music, Poetry, Stories, etc?

Artists For A Better World International is dedicated to building a worldwide network of artists who share a vision of creating a better world through aesthetics and is open to artists and art enthusiasts of all religions, nationalities, creeds, races and cultures.

We believe in a world where good morals are valued

We favor art that inspires and helps make the world a better place

We support artistic and other social improvement programs that are making positive changes in society

Broadly speaking then, any artwork, photography, poetry, stories, music, theatre, etc., that supports that vision, would constitute “Better World Art.”

NOTE: This does not suggest that art should, or should not, convey certain subjects or moods, such as happy or sad: art may be any mood. It is the artist’s intent and the message conveyed to the recipients that would reflect a message of “Better World Art.”

Please visit “About AFABW Int” for more insight, particularly the AFABW Int Mission and Pledge to the Arts.