AFABW Winter Expansion Event and Artists Salon

Artist Salon Host, Lynda Hubbard

February 17th, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA: Local Artists For A Better World members and supporters gathered to celebrate and share art, while discussing AFABW expansion opportunities. The group has a purpose of uniting artists to create a better world through aesthetics and support top social betterment programs.

The artists salon was held at the home of founding AFABW member Lynda Hubbard.

The attendee introductions included sharing of art and music. Participants represented long-time AFABW members and new friends.

There were announcements of upcoming events and projects. Becky Mate spoke about World Art Day – an annual event she will host at her home on April 15th which is DaVinci’s Birthday. This day is a validation of the importance of the arts. Becky likens it to any other International holiday, but this one is for artists, and for giving a gift of art, doing something special that involves the arts, etc. She has been hosting these events since 1998, and has gotten artists from all over to participate.

Member Randy Tobin had the idea of expanding the AFABW You Tube channel, and popularizing artists in this manner. There was much agreement from the group on this.

The tone of the meeting was strong interest, and several agreed to wear various hats with the group. Existing members were acknowledged for what they have been doing over the years, and will continue. There was talk about future coordination meetings, and a few even offered their homes.

Those in attendance who shared their art:

  • Deedee O’Malley: Singer/Songwriter – Performed her original song “Broken”
  • Randall Michael Tobin: Songwriter/Producer/Artisan baker and Chef – Brought his artisan bread and played an original song – “Is it Possible”
  • Marshall Swerman: Photographer – shared albums of his works
  • Janet Iles: Painter– Shared her portfolio
  • Becky Mate : Writer/Painter – Shared her poem ‘Twas the night ‘fore World Art Day
  • Lynda Hubbard: Painter/Writer/Marketing Exec – Showed her paintings that were on the walls
  • Svetlana Telbukh: Renowned Ukrainian Sand sculptor –Showed a video with her sculpting to music

Other Attendees:

  • Cyndie Tobin: Bookkeeper/Event decorations
  • Rick Murken: Freelance Film, TV and commercial professional
  • Rob Oliver: Engineer /Musician/Custom Guitar amp builder
  • Gary Mac: Songwriter/Music mixing producer
  • Lauren Perreau: Singer/Writer
  • Elena Vorobei: Travel business / Author of Travel book
  • Cindy Walkov: Lyricist/ Deedee O’Malley’s songwriting partner
  • Peter Logan: Designer of Promo and clothing
  • Tim Corbo: Musician – guitar/piano/drums

Artists For A Better World International international (AFABW Int) is a network of worldwide artists uniting to make a difference in society.

The group is open to artists and art enthusiasts of all religions, nationalities, creeds, races and cultures who share our beliefs:

  • We believe in a world where good morals are valued.
  • We favor art that inspires and helps make the world a better place.
  • We support artistic and social improvement programs that are making positive changes in society.