Youth Showcase at the 2010 AFABW Arts Festival (with Video)

October 9, 2010 – Hollywood: The AFABW Youth For A Better World Showcase was a featured event as part of Artists For A Better World’s 10th annual arts festival this weekend. The Showcase highlighted fabulous young artists ranging from ages 8 to 18 who danced, sang, played guitar and performed as solo artists or as part of choreographed singing/dancing ensembles.

Youth Showcase Host, Steve Spataro said, “I never cease to be blown away by the talent that is developed at such young ages. We have some phenomenal performers here.”

Today’s performers include:

  • CC Kids on Stage For A Better World
  • Summer Eguchi
  • Jamey Geston
  • Meeghan Henry
  • Faith Jefferies
  • Angelle Monet King
  • Lil Nay Nay
  • Takorah Ray
  • J Rose
  • Lauren Tavares

Artists For A Better World International (AFABW) is dedicated to building a worldwide network of artists who share a vision of creating a better world through aesthetics and is open to artists and art enthusiasts of all religions, nationalities, creeds, races and cultures.

The groups believes in a world where good morals are valued and favors art that inspires and helps make the world a better place. Furthermore, AFABW Int supports artistic and other social improvement programs that are making positive changes in society.